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Strafe (Credits)

Pixel Titans

Thom GluntDirector
Jacob BofferdingWriter
Thom GluntWriter
Stephen RaneyLead Programmer
Thomas FinchProgrammer
Ali ScissonsProgrammer
Michael KnubbenArt
Nick BizzozeroArt
Iain MatthiaeConcept Art
Billy SmithLevel Design
Thom GluntLevel Design
Matjaz LamutLead Animator
Vince VasquesAnimator
Bryan BeckerSound Design
MYRONEAdditional Music
Vincent BlangiardoMaps
Bafe TimmersmanBugs & Glitches
David RaneyExecutive Producer
Denise RaneyExecutive Producer
Dave OshryExecutive Producer
Thibault CalabreseSpecial Thanks
Josh SkeltonSpecial Thanks
Santiago ArellanoSpecial Thanks
Samantha ArnettSpecial Thanks
Vince VasquezSpecial Thanks
Oliver JanoschekSpecial Thanks
Brent SodmanSpecial Thanks
Elon MuskSpecial Thanks
Florent LlamasSpecial Thanks
Tim HastingsSpecial Thanks
Irsyad IshakSpecial Thanks
James StoutSpecial Thanks
Kim DanielsSpecial Thanks
Luke CraneSpecial Thanks
Jillian Rose KeenistSpecial Thanks
Elizabeth GinsbergSpecial Thanks
Mark FlahertySpecial Thanks
Christian FitzpatrickSpecial Thanks
Paul Smith (II)Special Thanks
Sarah SmithSpecial Thanks
Rami IsmailSpecial Thanks
David StelzerSpecial Thanks
Derek DouglasSpecial Thanks
Rich BassettSpecial Thanks
David KephartSpecial Thanks
Jun Shen ChiaSpecial Thanks
Bill GatesSpecial Thanks
Adam AndersonSpecial Thanks
Joey RexSpecial Thanks
Florian SchommerSpecial Thanks
Florent LlamasSpecial Thanks
John RomeroSpecial Thanks
John CarmackSpecial Thanks
David StelzerSpecial Thanks
Derek YuSpecial Thanks
String EmilSpecial Thanks
Adam TaylorSpecial Thanks
John PopeSpecial Thanks
Devolver DigitalSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
K-TrainSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Andreas AttaiProducer - Training Video
Arjun PrakashDirector of Photography - Training Video
Ryan SummersettAssistant Camera - Training Video
Daniel AnsonAssistant Camera - Training Video
Hannah BakerGrip & Electric - Training Video
Jackson LaRueGrip & Electric - Training Video
Lee RondotSwing / Art - Training Video
Leibi CariasHair & Makeup - Training Video
Shaun YeeSound - Training Video
Jillian Rose KennistWardrobe - Training Video
Lindsay TejanWardrobe - Training Video


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Released: 2017

Strafe is a singleplayer 3D action experience where the player can pick up a gun and shoot hordes of things in the face. The developers have created technology that changes the levels every time you play for endless...