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zatrosk's review of Stray [10.0/10]

Esse jogo me fez sentir como se eu fosse criança jogando crash, uma experiência única. O unico ponto que poderia ter melhorado era a extensão do jogo, podia ter mais umas duas a três horas a mais.

Galious's review of Stray [8.0/10]

Nice concept and story, very nice graphics, wishing it was longer or that there were more secrets to uncover when revisiting past levels.

alogicnamedjesse's review of Stray [10.0/10]

Stray was an awesome game! I had so much fun being a cat in a cyberpunk world. It was so much more than I imagined it could be with that premise. I loved that anytime I wanted a specific button to do a thing, like meow, it gave it! I loved doing all the things a cat does. Finding weird spaces to take a cat nap, getting on top of all the things &...

bonge's review of Stray [8.0/10]

Lovely little game. Beautiful and emotional at times. Didn't feel compelled to play after completing story, but that was enough for me.

faykatriona's review of Stray [10.0/10]

Adorable, short game as a cat. I loved my time with the stray