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Sugar Fever, a fun game that will test your reflexes and speed. Join a journey full of sweet and sugar, match candies, make incredible combos, score points and complete missions to become the best Sugar Fever player in the world in our world rankings. Dozens of achievements are waiting.

Challenge your friends and prove you are the best!

Playing is very easy, select the sweets passing though the top and then touch the cookie to which they belong. For each cookie you complete, you will get one point and reach another level. Complete all the cookies to get more points and time, but hurry up, time is going faster and faster after every level. Remember that you can make combos of 3 or more candies to get bonuses.

Play alone or against your friends to see who gets the highest score. You don't need internet connection to play, you can play wherever you want and when you want.

Features of Sugar Fever:

- Time trial mode. Complete cookies to get more time.

- Very easy to play, but very complicated to master.

- Dozens of missions and achievements. Do you think you can overcome them all?

- World ranking, so you can compare your score with your friends and competitors.

- Endless game, How far can you get?

- Combos, special moves to get more time.

- Hundreds of candies and sweets are waiting for you.

- Share a screenshot of the score with your friends.

- Totally free, no need for extra purchases to play at all.


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