It's 1972 and a military coup has rocked Anchuria. You, Angela Burnes, are trapped in the metropolitan capital of San Bavón. Your paradise has turned into a warzone. You take up a job as a housekeeper. Every week, an hour before sunset, ...

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Review: Oplons Review

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One of the worst games ever made. Terrible writing, no next to gameplay, the visual design ranges from confusing to terrible to lazy. The game chugs along, even if you turn resolution so low that it looks like a computer game from 1993. You can actually do that, by the way, and the Sega CD look of the lowest graphics setting is one of the few charming elements in this title.

The writing is absolutely, absolutely terrible. The game regularly contains poetry, and it is so godawful. Otherwise, everything is very on the nose, and the only surprises to be had are thrust upon you with no buildup in the story at all up to that point.

What's really insulting is these people who make the game somehow have their claws so deep in the games industry, there's an ever-present defender of this awful game in the media. 'Sunset didn't sell well because the industry is UNFAIR toward ART'. No, the Industry loves art. See: Walking Dead Series, Beginner's Guide, Ico, To The Moon, Life is Strange. The industry is not fair toward garbage. Sunset is, pure and simple, GARBAGE.


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