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Releasing: November 26, 2003

Super Duper Sumosa, Nickelodeon's highly rated cartoon series and the UK's number one kids import, brings giant buttocks to the Game Boya Advance for the first time. In this fast-paced action adventure, three 18-year-old sumos travel to the modern world with ancient powers to help defend the innocent and assist in battling the evil Ms. Mister and her cohorts. Super-sized heroes in a normal-sized world, the sumos use their special powers ' 'Gluteus Maximus,' 'Honorable Thunderball' and the 'Sumo Squeeze' - to double in size and destructiveness in order to fight evil. Gamers can choose to play as Boomer, Defender of Peace; Kimo, Defender of Honor; or Mamoo, Defender of Truth.