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roznos Review [10.0/10]

SMB3 is probably the NES/Famicom game that I’ve spent the most time playing. This is really where the Mario series hits its stride, with a lot more storage space to work with than in the past. But it’s still certainly built from the groundwork set by SMB1; Mario runs, jumps, and collects powerups. He still has a lot of acceleration and momentum ...

JustLukas Review [6.0/10]

I decided to replay all of the classics. After playing SMB 1, 2, 3 and The Lost Levels, I must say, the original remains the best. Super Mario Bros. 3 does a lot very well: it builds a world where there are themes, small stories, multiple types of enemies, and introduces some new power-ups. However, it gets stale very fast, something the origina...