Super Mario Maker

Genre: Platform

Super Mario Maker lets people’s imaginations run wild. For the first time ever, friends can have fun playing through levels they create for one another. The Wii U GamePad controller makes it so easy for anyone to create levels; it may feel like simply sketching out ideas on paper. Players can enjoy a seemingly endless supply of inventive Mario leve... Read More

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Good 94%

This game is great. I got it when it was released. I personally love games where I get to create things. However, even though I got to. I had to unlock all the parts. The way to unlock the pieces was lame. You have to wait. Not sure if it was because of it being new. Or if it has changed. I don't know. But once you get all the pieces or not even having all the pieces. I can make some really good levels and upload lots of challenging ones. I made ... Read More



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This is a platformer game in which players can build courses and play through levels of the Super Mario Brothers franchise through the years. As players run and jump through side-scrolling 2-D levels, they can defeat enemies by jumping on their heads. In one sequence, a "cartoony" boss insect must be swatted repeatedly to defeat it.
The content of this game is suitable for all persons.

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