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Sheerest_of_Harts Review [10.0/10]

Sheerest_of_Hart created

Just a complete, all around joy to play. Maybe it panders just a little bit to longtime Mario fans in order to hit that nostalgia sweet spot, but it feels so rewarding when it connects on that level. I've collected about 300 moons now and every time I sit down for a bit to just pick up another 10 or so, the traversal and exploration get to be so...

Wicked review [10.0/10]

Lephyrius created

Some content for the review. This will be super log review. That has 160 chars trying to make it super long so we could get this to pass. Speedruns is super fun.

KhalilLewis Review [10.0/10]

KhalilLewis created

It is one of the best open world Mario games ever made. There are endless hours one could put into collecting every single moon. My only complaints are multiplayer is just the second player operating Cappi instead of an actual second character like Luigi. And lastly I would like to encourage anyone with a Nintendo switch to go out and purchase a...

BlureyVermon419s Review [5.0/10]

BlureyVermon419 created

I havent gotten the chance yet to play the new super Mario. They have done a lot of work bringing Mario back. I have three friends that play the super mario, the feedback that i have been hearing is that the mario does not listen to the commands, And the game like to wonder while playing the game