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Super Meat Boy (Credits)

Team Meat

Edmund McMillenArt / Design
Tommy RefenesCode / Design
Danny BaranowskyMusical Score
Jordan FehrSound Effects
Logan AntelmanGuitar
Peter TrentacosteGuitar
Adam SaltsmanWrap Zone Art
Kyle PulverWrap Zone Art
Anna AnthropyWrap Zone Art
David ScatliffeWrap Zone Art
Phil FishWrap Zone Art
Derek YuWrap Zone Art
Ben RuizWrap Zone Art
Terry CavanaghWrap Zone Art
David HellmanWrap Zone Art
Matt ThorsonWrap Zone Art
Jason RohrerWrap Zone Art
Tom FulpThanks
Jeff RobertsThanks
Jon BlowThanks
Jamie BaldwinThanks
Kevin HathawayThanks
Will StamperThanks
Jerry HolkinsThanks
Simon CarlessThanks
Meggan ScavioThanks
James IdThanks
Ben RuizThanks
Anthony CarboniThanks
Geoff KosirogThanks
Molly McLartyThanks
Gaijin GamesExtra Special Thanks (Support Company)
MesshofExtra Special Thanks (Support Company)
CactusExtra Special Thanks (Support Company)
2D BoyExtra Special Thanks (Support Company)
The BehemothExtra Special Thanks (Support Company)
Blink WorksExtra Special Thanks (Support Company)
Matt ThorsonExtra Special Thanks
Anna AnthropyExtra Special Thanks
Derek YuExtra Special Thanks

Microsoft Game Studios

XBOX Live Arcade Team
Kevin HathawayProducer
Paul LoyndTest Lead
Matt GolzTest Manager
Josh MulanaxRelease Manager
Christian MatsumoriBusiness Development
Ted WoolseySpecial Thanks
Oliver MiyashitaSpecial Thanks
Kevin SalcedoSpecial Thanks
Mac SmithSpecial Thanks
Doug McBrideSpecial Thanks
Mark YeendSpecial Thanks
Shinya MutoProgram Manager
Malika KherfiProgram Manager
Maosha ShiLoc Engineer
Michael IvoryLoc Engineer
Julien CherguiTest lead
Hiroyasu MimuraTest lead
Magali LucchiniTranslation PM
Lizzy UntermannTranslation PM
Takashi SasakiDeveloper

VMC Game Labs

Scott GriffithsTest Manager
Cala PoseySenior Test Lead
Justin DavisMat Tester
Ian DobleTest Lead
Wes McDanielTest Lead
Chris MearsSenior Tester
Gregory BlakeTester
Brandon CareyTester
David CleetonTester
Brianan GerrishTester
Carlton HaglerTester
Brian McCartyTester

Super Meat Boy

86 /100

Released: 2010

Super Meat Boy is a tough as nails platformer where you play as an animated cube of meat who's trying to save his girlfriend (who happens to be made of bandages) from an evil fetus in a jar wearing a tux.