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Already released Worldwide [WW] on Android

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Worldwide [WW]Android



Super Snake Heroes is a realtime multiplayer game (MMO), fight the other snakes or bots (Artificial Intelligence). Your XP and achievements are saved on your Google Play Games account, at the end of the game time. If you can do it, try to reach your game podium, earn more XP and become the best in the world ! Super Snake Heroes (SSH) is a new game, so fun, talk about us.

Try to be the strongest snake and win the game !

Be a survivor !
Eat little mass objects (red or green) to grow in size and get bigger than the other snakes.
Be fearless !
Fire at other snakes to explode them and eat their mass. Using "F" button.
Be strategic !
By touching your own tail you create a black hole, attracting the other snakes, or repulsing them to protect you, depending on your orientation. These black holes also transfer life and mass from the trapped snake to you.
Be fast and clever !
If you need a speed boost, just split one of your body unit. Using "S" button.

As your level increase you can get access to beautiful avatars !

You can easily record your game play inside Super Snake Heroes (SSH) game using "Rec" button and share it to the world on youtube !
Show what you can do, and help us to turn this multiplayer game into a must-play!
If you don't have a youtube channel, send us your recorded game play at supersnakeheroes@gmail.com, we'll publish it.

Try to get achievements and to reach the world top classement