Time until Super Street Fighter II Turbo release day!

Please note, this is a countdown to the release day. The actual hour can vary.

Already released in Japan [JP] on Dreamcast

RegionTime left until release dayPlatform
Japan [JP]Dreamcast
North America [NA]Arcade
Europe [EU]Arcade
North America [NA]3DO Interactive Multiplayer
Japan [JP]3DO Interactive Multiplayer
Europe [EU]3DO Interactive Multiplayer
North America [NA]PC DOS
Europe [EU]Amiga
Europe [EU]PC DOS
Japan [JP]Dreamcast
Japan [JP]Game Boy Advance
North America [NA]Game Boy Advance
Europe [EU]Game Boy Advance


Super Street Fighter II Turbo, released in Japan as Super Street Fighter II X: Grand Master Challenge, is a competitive fighting game released for the arcades by Capcom in 1994. It is the fifth installment in the Street Fighter II sub-series of Street Fighter games, following Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers. Like its predecessor, it ran on the CP System II hardware. Super Turbo introduced several new gameplay mechanics not present... Read More

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