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Sheerest_of_Harts Review [7.0/10]

Sheerest_of_Hart created

An innovative shooter that's more of a puzzler in its mechanics and story and setting. Felt almost Cyberpunky despite its sparse environment. I feel like it's the base for something better that can build on it. Looking forward to see what else these developers can do.

fahadahmeds Review [8.0/10]

fahadahmed created

You are just going into slowmotion world. If you move the world will move!! This game have nice gameplay. i just love it.

meisquawks Review [8.0/10]

meisquawk created

My first time playing this game was pretty interesting and I went into it mostly a virgin, having never viewed raw gameplay of the game and at most viewing the trailers and listening to thoughts from friends. While the story isn't the most compelling one ever and doesn't give you a lot to go off of the levels have a decent structure and flow. Be...

DarkYudeXes Review [9.0/10]

DarkYudeX created

That is a really cool game, with an innovative concept. The interface is really cool also.

shadi-bashers Review [8.0/10]

shadi-basher created

Time-bending puzzle based on typical fast-paced FPS mechanics, every time you move, your enemies and their bullets do, too – but if you stand still, so will time. Unique idea that creates smart, tense puzzle where, Superhot’s pace feeling addictive, rather than frustrating. Superhot’s real gameplay exists in those moments where time stopped, ...

TheIdNemos Review [7.0/10]

TheIdNemo created

Cool game, would probably play better in VR but still an enjoyable experience.

bunditos Review [9.0/10]

bundito created

Oh, it's so good. Time only moves when you move. Bullet time taken to an abstract extreme. And there's more to it than just puzzle levels (as in the VR version)... there's a seemingly unending number of challenge modes to unlock, mysteries hidden in the game menus... play it.

Innovative, but repetitive [7.0/10]

mikalg created

Superhot has the innovative mechanic whereby time only progresses when you move. It's marketed as a first person shooter, but it's really more of a puzzle game. The story is a mix of 1984 and Transcendence, but is not interesting and gets in the way of the gameplay. The levels require a very high level of concentration and the gameplay gets repe...

illgazas Review [9.0/10]

illgaza created

first booted into this just to see if my PC was capable of running it properly but ended up spending like six hours playing through the whole game. felt like a combination of the fun aspects of hotline miami, ddlc and that one round of CSGO you get once a year where you play really good out of the blue. basically, this game is great if you (like...