Surfer's Paradise Press kit


Release Date:

Atari 2600



The Surf's Up and you're ready to go. But wait...there's a shark warning. The only thing to do is jump each time the shark makes his move. Not easy when you're riding on top of a wild, pulsating wave. Any mistake and into the water you go.

Under the thundering surf you find an old sunken Galleon between you and your surfboard. You only have a few seconds of air to negotiate the distance. The Galleon is protected by fast moving octopus. The walls of the Galleon can change shape and just in case you're not too busy, there's a jellyfish standing guard by your surfboard. Make it back on time and you get another ride on the wild surf.

The action gets faster and faster. You test every skill you know plus invent a few new ones, but ride the Wild Surf you will!


Inspired by presskit() by Rami Ismail(Vlambeer)