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That Swagman sure has a lot of nerve! He's another evil, demented fellow who's planning to take over the world for his own personal gain. And this guy means business. You see, he's basically a boogie-man who has the power to entrap people in their own nightmares forever. Fortunately, there are two brave souls out there ready to fight Swagman face to face. Their names are Zac and Hannah, two 8 year old twins.

Swagman is a combination of the platform and adventure genre. While in the "Real World", the game is adventure-like; find and collect items and/or keys to open certain doors. When you enter the dream sequences, called the Territories, the game becomes a platform game. The combination of genres and the whole real world/dream world is a neat idea and throw in some nice, cartoonish and highly colorful graphics and you've got a nifty little game.