Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment

Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment is a Japanese role-playing game based on the Sword Art Online light novel franchise and a "Director's Cut" version of Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment. It comes with new features, including an online...

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Review: NullFreaks Review

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It could have been a so much better game. The battle and skills systems are not good and make it very tedious and boring specially when you are overlevelled. Not sure when they intended players to do the Hollow area, by the difficulty it seems better to do it towards the end, but then several events that happen after you clear the Hollow area happen far earlier in the game, and if you clear it before those events you will be overlevelled for more than half of the game and it is terribly boring and frustrating as I said before. One of the most annoying things is that they turned SAO into an ecchi harem (which as far as I remember it never was), and it is quite painful to see all those characters going through such dumb and dull situations. The other 20-30% of the plot is not bad (not brilliant, but you cannot expect too much from a game based in an anime) and it is quite well fitting into the SAO universe with some interesting hints.

Positive points
  • Some points of the plot can be quite interesting. It is nice to see some details trying to recreate SAO atmosphere. The Hollow Area is more entertaining
Negative points
  • The battle system is quite bad, it forces you to use skills as regular attacks barely do a thing. The skills system is also not good, you need to fight a lot to get new skills and there are not too many for each style, it would have been better to have less styles and more skills. The ecchi harem plot they gave to almost all events is quite disgusting and pulls you out of the SAO universe.


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