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vizthex's review of Tacoma [9.0/10]

Tacoma has a solid story and rather unique visuals, and I still remembered each character's name after finishing it. Your movement speed is rather low, but other than that my only real complaint is that the Master of Unlocking achievement won't trigger no matter what you do, which is quite annoying. (and the Casketball achievement has a differe...

twobears79s Review [7.0/10]

Tacoma Station sits in orbit—empty except for the ODIN AI and you, Amy Ferrier, a tech specialist subcontracted by the Venturis Corporation to collect the AI hardware. Explore the station, piece together the events through email, chat messages, physical clues, and the augmented reality system to learn the compelling story of the Tacoma Station a...

this3dollarbills Review [8.0/10]

A great little story, good at letting the player find and play with plot threads, and takes on an impressive number of themes given its short run time.