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vizthex's review of Tacoma

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Tacoma has a solid story and rather unique visuals, and I still remembered each character's name after finishing it.

Your movement speed is rather low, but other than that my only real complaint is that the Master of Unlocking achievement won't trigger no matter what you do, which is quite annoying. (and the Casketball achievement has a different name on Steam, for whatever reason). Used a guide to double-check every place with a code, and all of them had been unlocked already.

I'd recommend this if you're new to or interested in narrative games. Having multiple conversations play out at the same time and you can just freely walk into whichever one you want is quite unique, and something that no other game (as far as I know) has done before.

I do think $20 is a bit of a high price though, but the game is still quite good. Only encountered a couple freezes during loading between the various areas, but didn't have any bugs or crashes otherwise (excluding the aforementioned achievement)

Positive points
  • - Good characters & voice acting
  • - Solid writing
  • - Interesting world design
Negative points
  • - One achievement doesn't trigger, which is a bit annoying
  • - Sometimes freezes when loading areas

Total score