Tanks of Freedom

Turn Based Strategy in Isometric Pixel Art for PC and Android. The game features a campaign mode, as well as a hot-seat multiplayer and built-in map editor.

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Review: mikalgs Review

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This is a great little strategy game that will give you hours of enjoyment. However, it's a bit difficulty to get into, because there isn't a proper tutorial (just hints). Chapter 9 is also incredibly hard, compared to the other chapters. Lastly, the devs have seemed to stop developing the game (1+ year since the last update). This isn't a huge issue, since the game is quite polished (aside from the points mentioned). Also, did I mention that the game is currently free?

Positive points
  • - Great art and music
  • - Interesting gameplay
  • - Great difficulty (ex chapter 9)
Negative points
  • - Proper tutorial needs to be added
  • - Chapter 9 is way too difficult


Total score