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Already released Worldwide [WW] on Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

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Worldwide [WW]Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)



Tao (lit. "Way" or "Road") is an RPG from Pax Softnica, which worked with Nintendo on games like Mother, and Vap, the publishers behind the infamous Ganso Saiyuuki: Super Monkey Daibouken.

The game concerns a spiritual wanderer who is attempting to avert the end of days predicted by Nostradamus in a near future which has already been wracked with disaster. In order to do this, he must invoke the powers of various different religions and belief systems, including those from Hindu, Buddhist, Christianity and other faiths. The game is known for its abstract and unusual personality.

A Sci-fi mystical RPG set in a post apocalyptic world, where a young man unravels a mystery regarding his origins and attempts to thwart an Nostradamus-tinged apocalypse that begins as a meteorite slams into his hometown. Find eight pieces of a trigram, 7 chakra statues and 7 amulets of the star lords in 7 mystic cities while fighting a cast of bizarre demons and gods!

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