Tech Deck Skateboarding Press kit


Release Date:

Game Boy Color



The fingerboard frenzy makes its way (appropriately enough) to hand-held gaming. Featuring X Concepts' line of miniature skateboard decks, TECH DECK SKATEBOARDING challenges you to pull off the same tricks that regular skaters do just smaller. You play as the inimitable Thumb Guy, a lovable mascot who can pull off the fingerboard moves with the best of ¿em. Featuring arcade-style play and animations, the game lets you whip out grinds, ollies, and flips with extreme flair. All of the licensed decks from real manufacturers are here, so you'll be skating in style on your Tony Hawk deck. You'll have access to a limited number of boards at the game's outset, but as you get further and further along the road to glory you'll be able to unlock more responsive outfits and other hidden goodies. With cool graphics, real decks, and totally original gameplay, it's hardcore skating for hardcore fans!


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