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Teen Titans (Credits)

WB Games

Jason AdesAssociate Producer
Karen PiersonManager of Rights and Clearances
Jonathan EubanksDirector of Production
Philippe ErwinVice President of Production
Stephanie JohnsonMarketing Manager
Remi SklarPublic Relations Manager
David S. CohenMarketing Coordinator
Scott JohnsonDirector of Sales and Business Development
Jason Hall (I)Senior Vice President
Debra BakerSpecial Thanks
Wendy BozziSpecial Thanks
Steve ChalkSpecial Thanks
Chris ChenSpecial Thanks
Scott CuthbertsonSpecial Thanks
Marti EstevaSpecial Thanks
Jeneba KonareSpecial Thanks
Denise MaratasSpecial Thanks
Jeff NachbaurSpecial Thanks
Gary SheinwaldSpecial Thanks
Angel SissonSpecial Thanks
Michael SteuerwaldSpecial Thanks
Jennifer StumpSpecial Thanks
AJ VargasSpecial Thanks
Nick TorchiaSpecial Thanks
Thomas ZellersSpecial Thanks
Leah TribbleSpecial Thanks
Scot KramarichSpecial Thanks
Nathan WhitmanSpecial Thanks
Kirsten GavoniSpecial Thanks

DC Comics

Gene BahngProducer
Dana KurtinProject Manager
Richard BruningSpecial Thanks
Linda LeeSpecial Thanks
Paul LevitzSpecial Thanks
John NeeSpecial Thanks
Marty PaskoSpecial Thanks
Ron PerazzaSpecial Thanks
Sandy ResnickSpecial Thanks
Ceryl RubinSpecial Thanks

Majesco Entertainment

Joseph SuttonExecutive Vice President, Research and Development
Daniel KitchenVice President of Product Development
Adam SuttonVice President of Special Projects
Dean MartinettiExecutive Producer
Anthony DeLucaProducer
Frank LamArt Director
Chris MontanaroProgrammer
Catherine BiebeibergProduct Development Manager
Ken GoldVice President of Marketing
Liz BuckleyProduct Manager
Zach Smith (I)Associate Product Manager
Matt CicconeMarketing Coordinator
Laura HeebPR Account Director
Leslie MillsDirector of Creative Services
Vic MerrittArt Director, Creative Services
Andy CummingsSenior Graphic Designer
Keith PatrickWeb Designer
Joe McHaleQuality Assurance Manager
Kevin KurdesProject Lead
Manny HernandezProject Test Lead
Gina GiacobbeProject Test Lead
Ian GillespieProject Test Lead
Eric JezercakLead Tester
Rob CooperLead Tester
Andrew BadoLead Tester
Jonathan BlackTester
Nicholas GrederTester
Pete RoskyTester
Josh HexnerTester
Jorge CosmeTester
Rich WoganTester
Tito JimenezTester
Martin SanelliTester
Phillip Johnson (I)Tester
Steve MackoTester
Onix AliceaTester
Joey GoldsteinTester
Hunter S. GollumTester
Enrico SarocaTester
Larry ContrerasTester
Steven HarrisTester
Marc DunyakTester
Jonathan MarcziTester
Damion DeStefanoTester
John MoranTester
Bug-Tracker Laboratories Inc.Additional QA (Support Company)
Paul CampagnaIT Manager
Kevin TsakonasIT Assistant
Morris SuttonSpecial Thanks
Jesse SuttonSpecial Thanks
Dick WnukSpecial Thanks
Jamie BartolomeiSpecial Thanks
Highwater GroupSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Tangible MediaSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Jodi FeinsteinSpecial Thanks
Maria BasileSpecial Thanks
Rose RichmondSpecial Thanks
Donna ZaborowskiSpecial Thanks

Artificial Mind & Movement

Nathalie JasminGame Director
Shane KellerLead Designer
Ghislain BarbeArtistic Director
Noël KechichianProduction Manager
Simon DesjardinsProduction Manager
Nabil YaredAdditional Production Manager
Morgan JaffitSenior Game Designer
Sébastien JeanGame Designer
James EverettAdditional Game Design
Simon LabelleLocalization Support
Pierre-Richard MalvoyLevel Designer
William KuoLevel Designer
Philippe PoulinLevel Designer
Yan HerbeuvalLead Programmer
Olivier PomerleauProgrammer
Jean-François TremblayProgrammer
Patrick GaronProgrammer
Daniel SudProgrammer
Farshid SalehiProgrammer
Joseph ChantiriProgrammer
Stéphanie RancourtProgrammer
Guillaume Blanchette-DoutreProgrammer
Pierre-Oliver BoudreauProgrammer
François RayesProgrammer
Dominic AllaireAdditional Programmer
Julien DuboisAdditional Programmer
Nicolas L'HeureuxIllustrator
Flint DilleStory
John Zuur PlattenStory
Johane MatteStoryboards and Cinematic Support
David TardifLead Animator
Patrick SaucerotteTechnical Lead Animator
David PrenoveauAnimator
Emilie GouletAnimator
Marjolaine Philibert-LajoieAnimator
Kirk S. SandifordAnimator
Philippe GreffardAnimator
Alexandru DragutescuAnimator
Giovanni SpinelliAnimator
Velislava NikolovaAdditional Animator
Jeremie ChicoineLead Special Effects and Texture
Nicolas CoteTexture and Lighting Artist
David LegaultTexture and Lighting Artist
Alex GingrasTexture and Lighting Artist
Gabriel ParéSpecial Effects
Marc D'AmicoSpecial Effects
Mario GreendaleSpecial Effects
Eric TurmelLead 3D Artist
Gabriel Charest3D Artist
Phuongvan Hua3D Artist
Mark Mitchell (I)Original Music and Sound Design
Daran NadraAdditional Sound Design
Mike BaughAdditional Sound Design
Jean-Frédéric VachonAdditional Sound Design
Cédric MichéaLead QA
Vincent NoiretGameplay Analyst
Jean-Philippe CôtéQA
Bradley BourneQA
Technology Group
Martin WalkerCTO
Stephen MulrooneyDevelopment Director
Martin RuelTools Team Lead
Nancy NadeauTools Team
Sylvain CoteTools Team
Valerie MethotTools Team
Bruno ChampouxFramework Team Lead
Gabriel CoteFramework Team
Mathieu RouleauFramework Team
Nicolas FleuryFramework Team
Michel VachonGraphics Team Lead
Jason LacroixGraphics Team
Philiippe TrottierGraphics Team
Sebastien GenoveseGraphics Team
Daniel CarrierAudio Team Lead
Simon PelsserAudio Team
Christian MartineauSimulation Team
Liko-Paul PinsonnaultSimulation Team
Rémi RacineExecutive Producer and CEO
Chafye NemriHead of Production
Denis LacasseGame Executive
Christophe GomezGame Executive
David OsborneCreative Director
David LightbownTechnical Art Director
Adrian JonesEngineering Technical Director
Eric VigneaultAdditional Music
Special Thanks
Alain MoreauSpecial Thanks
Alexandre BeloinSpecial Thanks
Basil LanarisSpecial Thanks
Bisser MaximovSpecial Thanks
Brandon Lee-DreslerSpecial Thanks
Chloe DesautelsSpecial Thanks
Daniel CaronSpecial Thanks
David SassonSpecial Thanks
Hervé LangeSpecial Thanks
Jean-Martin MasseSpecial Thanks
Johane DrapeauSpecial Thanks
Kristin WheatleySpecial Thanks
Lyne GirouardSpecial Thanks
Marc DevaultSpecial Thanks
Maria RadiceSpecial Thanks
Martin SaindonSpecial Thanks
Martin ThibertSpecial Thanks
Mathieu Desgranges-TrépanierSpecial Thanks
Mylène FréchetteSpecial Thanks
Sarah StewartSpecial Thanks
Shelley JohnsonSpecial Thanks
Sophie BordeleauSpecial Thanks
Sophie OuelletSpecial Thanks
Richard LeibowitzSpecial Thanks
Dan DevonsSpecial Thanks
Union EntertainmentSpecial Thanks (Support Company)

Bug-Tracker Laboratories Inc.

Antoine CarreCEO
Paquito HernandezProject Manager
Andrew LeeLead Tester
Clode PatersonLead Tester
Stephane MaltaisLead Tester
Jérôme Vu ThanTester
Randy WuTester
Francois RinguetteTester
Ho Nam HuanTester
Pierre-Huge LegaultTester
Mickael DelaisseyTester
Thibault LepelletierTester
Michael ChartrandTester
Lynda LyTester
Mathieu GuèvremontTester
Pierre BoudreauTester
Vo DaoTester
Charles FortierTester
Josué ValdesTester
Andrea RomanoCasting Director

Teen Titans

Released: 2006

An unexplained videogame has been sent to Titan Tower and it stars...the Teen Titans? When they turn on the game, strange things begin to happen. Is the new game "playing" the Titans or has a mysterious villain...