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Tengami (Credits)


Ryo AgarieCreator
Jennifer SchneidereitCreator
Philip TossellCreator
David WiseMusic
Christiaan MolemanCharacter Animation
Riko AgarieSpecial Effects
Jung-Sheng LingLocalization - Chinese
Kun-Wei LinLocalization - Chinese
Rolf KlischewskiLocalization - German
Barbara ØstergaardLocalization - Danish
André C. CamposLocalization - Brazilian Portuguese
Jonas FrizellLocalization - Swedish
Renata ForteleoniLocalization - Italian
EnkolineLocalization - Korean (Support Company)
Bora TaşdemirLocalization - Turkish
Vladimir DrevalLocalization - Russian
NagareboshiLocalization - Japanese (Support Company)
Words of MagicLocalization - French (Support Company)
Josué MonchanLocalization - Spanish
Graham SmithSpecial Thanks
Takehisa AbeSpecial Thanks
Makoto GotoSpecial Thanks
William RooneySpecial Thanks
Christopher GreenSpecial Thanks
Duncan BirminghamSpecial Thanks
Denise TossellDedicated to the memory of
Gerhard SchneidereitDedicated to the memory of



59 /100

Released: 2014

In Tengami you explore a beautifully crafted pop-up book world, with an art style inspired by traditional Japanese arts and crafts. Tengami is an atmospheric adventure game, full of wonder and mystery, set in Japan of...