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Genre: Sport

Platforms: PC-8801, Arcade, Family Computer Disk System, Game Boy, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Sharp X1

Tennis is, as the name implies, Nintendo's version of the sport. One player vs computer or two players will compete in tennis in a more or less standard suite of rules (scoring, sets etc.). Players are controlled by the movement buttons, but while button A indicates a low hit, button B indicates a high one. You have the choice of four levels of computer AI, or two player via Game Boy link cable. The usual assortment of shot... Read More

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17 reviews

Alright 80%

As a kid I thought this was one of the most boring titles to the NES. But as I one day found myself being an adult, I suddenly started to enjoy the game. No. Actually, it has almost nothing to do with being older. It's just that I've played a few tennis games over the years, and after that went back to this game. The control is really simple and tight. The curve of learning is short, but it possibly takes a lifetime to master, and that's, in my... Read More

Positive points
The control is really simple, but still hard to master
Negative points
There's no vs. mode