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The Story contains four chapters.

In the fist chapter "The Outset", Ark gets introduced as a boy who lives in Crysta, the only remaining village in the under world. He touches a mysterious box which freezes up all citizens in the village. By conquering towers in the under world, Ark unfreezes the village people little by little and incidentially resurrects the continents in the destroyed upper world. Hereupon, the Elder of the village instructs him to visit the upper world and resurrect the life.

In the second chapter "Ressurrection of the World", Ark ressurects all plants in the world making it possible to cross the mountains of Guiana. In the second step he reanimates all the birds, the wind, animals and most recently, the humans.

In the third chapter "Resurrection of the Genius", the elder of the village appears in Arks dream telling him to support humankind in making progress. Ark travels from city to city and helps in cities growth and the development of technologies. But he also resurrects Beruga, a scientist who put himself into a sleep state back when when earth was destroyed. He has a vision of a perfect world in which most people get killed by a virus and only a few people live on the world by being turned into immortal zombies. The elder appears again, telling Ark that his work is done and he can die now. Ark realizes now he as human from the darkside has been used by Dark Gaia for his plans over world's domination. Kumari, a wise man teleports Ark away and tells him to search for five starstones to call the golden child. Ark meets his Lightside self who kills the darkside Ark.

In the fourth and last chapter "Ressurection of the Hero", Ark will be reborn as a baby through Light Gaia. He beats Beruga and then travels back to the underworld to defeat Dark Gaia. The victory over dark Gaia destructs all the dark side, therefore the underworld with the village Crysta. Knowing that he'll be reincarnated, Ark accepts his fate and goes to sleep.


Release Dates
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Game Mode
Single player
Adventure, Role-playing (RPG)
Action, Fantasy
Localized titles
Japan: 天地創造
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