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Releasing: December 31, 1987

It's been a long watch... as the sun disappears over the horizon, the uninviting grey bleakness of Colian becomes apparent. Following the intense heat of the day, the onset of night adds the bitterness of sub-zero temperatures to an already hostile environment, and the stark interior of the D.S.V. appears almost homelike.

Deep melancholy is suddenly smashed by the shrill scream of a siren. The information display systems have gone crazy, an extraordinary array of lights flash uncontrollably. Good grief... what's happening?

You're whole being freezes... It can't be! The Terrorpods...

(Screen 1) One and a half minutes in; you have sustained damage from a direct hit, they are attacking your nearest manufacturing center. You start to prepare for a sustained attack.

(Screen 2) Twenty minutes in; the attack is heating up, a target presents itself, your missile-control screen scrolls into operation, you lock-on target, crash through the launch sequence, then the deafening impact of the missile smashing home.

(Screen 3) After two hours it has become very apparent that your training in fast action combat just isn't enough, you will have to muster all your mental reserves and strategic powers to maintain adequate trading and resource levels.

Are you good enough? Can you survive? The Terrorpods!