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TetraVex is a puzzle computer game, available for Windows and Linux systems.
TetraVex was originally available for 16-bit Windows in Windows Entertainment Pack 3. It was later re-released as part of the Best of Windows Entertainment Pack.
TetraVex is also available as an open source game on the GNOME desktop as part of the GNOME Games collection under GNU GPL.
A 32-bit Windows version was written in Delphi by Mark Billig.
The original version of TetraVex (for the Windows Entertainment Pack 3) was written (and named) by Scott Ferguson who was also the Development Lead and an architect of the first version of Visual Basic. TetraVex was inspired by "the problem of tiling the plane" as described by Donald Knuth on page 382 of Volume 1: Fundamental Algorithms, the first book in his The Art of Computer Programming series.

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