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Tetris Attack

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Genre: Puzzle

Platforms: Super Famicom, Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), Game Boy

A puzzle game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy. It is the first game in the Puzzle League series. The Super Famicom release featured different art assets and characters than the English localization where they were replaced with characters from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. The Game Boy release of the Yoshi version was also later released in Japan. Later a version for the Super Famicom's Satellav... Read More

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48 reviews

Alright 82%

This game is old. But it still is fun. It's a really nice challenge. A good puzzle game to play for an hour or so. The graphics were actually really good. For SNES it was really clear pictures and gameplay. It was more for Yoshi. He was in the game a lot. As a background picture. But still. He is in there. The game is just switching blocks until you match three of a kind. Or more. It has the area like Tetris and Dr. Mario but it moves up slowly... Read More


The story mode takes place in the world of Yoshi's Island, where Bowser and his minions have cursed all of Yoshi's friends. Playing as Yoshi, the player must defeat each of his friends in order to remove the curse. Once all friends have been freed, the game proceeds to a series of Bowser's minions, and then to Bowser himself. During these final matches, the player can select Yoshi or any of his friends to play out the stage.