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Tex Murphy: Overseer (Credits)

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Chris Jones (V)Story and Design
Aaron ConnersStory and Design
Adrian CarrDirector
Aaron ConnersProducer
Bruce WardProducer
Chris Jones (V)Executive Producer
David CurtinExecutive Producer
Brian StringhamTechnology Group Producer
Paul JohnstonLead Technology Programmer
Brian StringhamTechnology Programmer
Jeff HarwardTechnology Programmer
Travis DriscollTechnology Programmer
Mark Knight (I)Lead Programmer
Mark SnowProgrammer
Loch MacLeodProgrammer
Linda WardProgrammer
Bruce WardProgrammer
Matt DawsonProgrammer
George ManousakisProgrammer
Nathan LarsenArt Director
Brian Johnson (I)Lead Artist
Brandon WrightArtist
Allen BrockbankArtist
Jason LutesArtist
Adam InglebyArtist
Paul Johnson (II)Artist
Mike YurthArtist
Beau AndersonArtist
David Wright (I)Artist
Aaron ConnersScreenplay
Jon ClarkSound Design / Studio Lighting
Dave Brown (I)The Man Behind the Curtian
Nathan LarsenAlias Animation
Brian Johnson (I)Alias Animation
Mark HulkaVideo Specialist
Mark HulkaVideo Compositor
Jason LutesVideo Compositor
Doug VandegriftVideo Compositor
Neil GallowayVideo Compositor
D.J. SheltonVideo Compositor
Matt DazleyVR Builder
Steve WynnVR Builder
Stephen CluffVR Builder
Spencer BlackVR Builder
Dave WilsonVR Builder
Doug VandegriftStoryboards
Lon OswaldEDL Prep / CD-ROM Digitization
Catrine McGregorCasting
Jeff AbbottSoundtrack
Matt HeiderSoundtrack
Richie Havens"Trying to Try" - Writer & Performer
Bernard Fox"Trying to Try" - Producer
Karl Gilchrist"Maria" - Writer
Michael Sanders"Maria" - Performer
Garry Hardman"Thai Temple" - Composer and Performer
David SeppiPromotional Art
Melanie OlmsteadProp Master
Suzanne BarnesKey Makeup
Katherine WarnerMakeup
Dana TingeyMakeup
Steve BiggsProsthetic Makeup
Brad HenryMaster Carpenter
Dennis ZerullArmorer
George SullvianAssistant Armorer
Bruce HaslamSpecial Effects
Richard NortonFight Choreographer
Scott WrightBoom Operator
Brett PetricBoom Operator
Angela StrongLogging Assistant
Nicole CarverLogging Assistant
Ryan PurcellFoley Artist
Troy HinckleyFoley Engineer
Skip HuntressStill Photographer
Zeke McCabeStill Photographer
Nick PerkinsQuality Assurance
Charles JohnstonQuality Assurance
James WestQuality Assurance
Nick PerkinsDocumentation / On-Line Help
Aaron ConnersDocumentation / On-Line Help
James WestDocumentation / On-Line Help
Bruce WardDocumentation / On-Line Help
Viking's FeastCatering (Support Company)
Kevin L. Jones CateringCraft Services (Support Company)
Mike McDonoughAdditional Sound Effects

Tex Murphy: Overseer

30 /100

Released: 1998

The Adventure Game of the 21st Century The client is drop-dead gorgeous. Her father is just plain dead—of an apparent suicide. She's certain he was murdered and is willing to do anything to prove it. Tex Murphy, the...