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The Beginner's Guide

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Genre: Adventure, Indie

Platforms: Mac, PC (Microsoft Windows)

The Beginner's Guide is a narrative video game for Mac and PC. It lasts about an hour and a half and has no traditional mechanics, no goals or objectives. Instead, it tells the story of a person struggling to deal with something they do not understand.

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12 reviews

Great 100%

This is not a sequel to The Stanley Parable. I'm not really sure I'd call it a game. Or that it needs to be a game at all. Is it a eulogy? Or a love letter? A plea or an apology? The beauty in The Beginner's Guide doesn't come mostly from playing it, but from what you take away. What it means to you after it's done. Play this game. Think about what it means to you. And if it clicks and suddenly you get it. Don't say anything.