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dfkennedies Review [2.0/10]

dfkennedy created

It which an author grapples with worries that his previous endeavors were too distant and ironic and claws desperately at emotional resonance.

Interesting Narrative [6.0/10]

Shawndroid created

This was a very interesting narrative. It's about game design, personal desires, public recognition, pushing public figures and reinterpreting their creative works. Not really a game, even for a first person exploration game.

orphies Review [10.0/10]

orphy created

The Beginner's Guide is a game of the other kind. If you want to play it, you have to give into that. You visit different scenes while a Voice narrates a Story. It's hard to say if you will like this game. For me, it was definitely worth it. And the two hours max you need for it are in my opinion worth it to find out for yourself. A truly new e...