The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Reviews

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Fun Mechanics, Good Story [8.0/10]

acnari created

The story itself was fairly typical at the outset (aliens invade planet, must fight back), but there were some very unique twists in the story which I will not reveal, which really got me thinking. I like games that make me think, so that was a pleasurable experience. The story was messy and complicated-I don't mean that to say that the story wa...

TheFredobars Review [6.0/10]

TheFredobar created

A decent shooter. It plays a lot like mass effect's combat. If you play on a high difficulty it does force you to micro manage your squad and play tactically much like the main xcom series. The story is pretty bare but i did enjoy the ending (b movie sci fi nonsense just like i was hoping for). The characters are 1 dimensional and youre never re...