In the distant future, the people of earth discover a trace of a rare mineral with incredible energy potential: Ire. In search of this powerful new resource, an expeditionary force aboard the colony ship Terra Mobili has discovered what they believe to be the source of all Ire in the galaxy, the planet Eridani-C.

Eridani-C is an incredibly volatile and unstable planet with radiation levels far exceeding anything the people of Terra Mobili have encountered before. All attempts to probe the surface of the planet have failed, resulting in the colonists turning their attention to the moons and asteroids that litter the planet’s orbit. These asteroids have traces of the coveted Ire, leading the colonists to construct settlements on the moons and asteroids to harvest this miraculous resource.

Decades have passed since the Terra Mobili first approached the Eridani star system; conflict has arisen amongst the colonists as they discover that Ire is more than just a mineral. Catastrophes descend upon the colonists, demonstrating the terrifying power of Ire. Silently, at the edge of the star system, an ancient program initiates. The Sentinel awakens.