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"This is Commander Bagdasarian of space frontier colony Delta 5-5. We have been overrun. I repeat, we have been overru....." The recording ended in a wash of static. "That's all we've got." The dispatcher spoke with the deliberate and unemotional tone that always signified trouble. "As Regional Marshall it's up to you. We don't want anything fancy here, not another 'Ganymede Incident.' Just find out if there are any survivors and get them out. This was Settler Plot. You know... families." "Children?" "Yes." "Damn!" Thus you enter The Colony and embark on an adventure so real you become part of the surroundings. Explore labs, computer rooms, halls, offices, and homes in real-time 3-D as you investigate a colony suddenly bereft of human life. Outfitted with the latest in Power Armor technology, you soon discover that it will take more than force to get out alive.