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The Curse of Dwight Periwinkle

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Genre: Point-and-click, Role-playing (RPG)

Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows)

Featuring an interwoven plot with multiple lead characters, HD graphics, spontaneous musicals, and an appearance by Friedrich Nietsche as a slice of pizza, this is the visual novel The Curse of Dwight Periwinkle. Set in the so-called town of Lor, this is a comical, satirical, and absurd look at the modern antagonism towards government; and of course an exploration of the virtues of the humble lychee fruit. Gonna tell you al... Read More

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The town of Lor: it was once ruled by a king. Or was it a tyrant? Either way, he's gone away. Or is he coming back? An independent Lor or monarchy? Enter Dwight: a wisecracking layabout. Give him some food, and a membership into the Flanarchy Society (yes, they have flans). What could go wrong? Enter Amy Voight, a reporter decidedly on the side of the king. She's going to say what she thinks regardless, and she thinks the king was a good king, and that he's coming back. Enter Ellie, a (slightly) hyperactive child who doesn't care, and wants lychees. She will find lychees. ALL THE LYCHEES!