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The Curse of Monkey Island (Credits)

Chris PurvisAdditional Design
Chuck JordanAdditional Design
Tim SchaferAdditional Design
Marc OverneyStoryboards
Bill TillerStoryboards
Derek SakaiConcept Art
Marc OverneyConcept Art
Kevin MicallefConcept Art
Larry AhernConcept Art
Bill TillerConcept Art
Steve PurcellConcept Art
Ken MacklinConcept Art
David BoganAdditional 2D Animation
Chris SchultzAdditional 2D Animation
Oliver SinAdditional 2D Animation
David DeVanAdditional 2D Animation
Chris HockaboutAdditional Backgrounds
Bill EakenAdditional Backgrounds
Darren JohnsonInstaller & Launcher
Livia MackinAdditional Programming
Gary Keith BrubakerAdditional Programming
Aaron GilesAdditional Programming
Tabitha TostiAdditional Testing
Bob McGeheeAdditional Testing
Thomas ScottAdditional Testing
Beau KayserAdditional Testing
Judith LuceroInternational Programming
Matthew AzevedaInternational Lead Tester
Wendy KaplanBurning Godess
Kellie WalkerBurning Godess
Jo 'Capt. Tripps' AshburnManual
Mollie BoeroManual
Patty HillManual Design
Chip HinnenbergTechnical Writing
Lynn SelkTechnical Writing
Jo 'Capt. Tripps' AshburnStrategy Guide
Tabitha TostiAdditional Art Technicians
Stephen KalningAdditional Art Technicians
Doug ShannonAdditional Art Technicians
Aaron MuszalskiAdditional Art Technicians
Michael LevineAdditional Art Technicians
Wesley AndersonPhysical Ship Model Constrution
Peter McConnellStan's Theme
Clint BajakianVoodoo Theme
Michael LandVoodoo Theme
Peter McConnellGuybrush Floating Theme
Clint BajakianSound Mixing
Ernie SheesleyVoice recording engineer
Elliot AndersVoice recording engineer
Laurie BeanAssistant engineer
Screenmusic StudiosVoice recordings (Support Company)
Jeff KlimentVoice Engineering (LucasArts)
Linda GrisantiAdditional Production Coordination
Susan UpshawAdditional Production Coordination
Kim KowalskiAdditional Production Coordination
Steve SplinterVariable Bit Rate Adaptive Pulse Code Modulation with Dynamic Error Correction
Paul WenkerVariable Bit Rate Adaptive Pulse Code Modulation with Dynamic Error Correction
Casey Donahue Ackley"Monkeys are Listening" concept
Jack SorensenPresident
Steve DautermanDiector of Development
Mary BihrDirector of Marketing and Sales
Tom McCarthyController
Jeremy SalesinDirector of Business Affairs and General Counsel
Karen CheliniDirector of Human Resources
Alex GersonSenior Manager of Information Systems
Dan GossettManager of Product Support
Lisa StarManager of International Business
Judy GrossmanInternational Operations Supervisor
Mark CartwrightManager of Quality Assurance
Dan ConnorsSupervisor of Quality Assurance
Meredith CahillNational Sales Manager
Michael LandManager of Sound Development
Tamlynn NiglioManager of Voice
Carole DegouletLocalization Department Manager
Cindy LeungInternational Production
Adam PasztoryInternational Production
Caroline EliotInternational Production
Aric WilmunderTools Manager
Karen PurdySupervisor of Art Department
Jessica ForysArt Department Technical Manager
Allison McGahaArt Department Asistant
Tom SarrisPublic Relations Manager
Heather TwistPublic Relations Specialist
Josh MoorePublic Relations Assistant
Dan NystromFinance
Neena BonettiFinance
Christine PriceFinance
Phil RouseFinance
Ann Marie NemanichFinance
Diana CasasFinance
Greg RoblesFinance
Richard QuiñonesFinance
Robin VisayaFinance
Teena GaulkeFinance
Sandra LiFinance
Shane HansonFinance
Colleen WilsonFinance
Polly JenkinsFinance
Kristin JohnsonFinance
Sharon LengeleFinance
Colleen WilsonFinance
Polly JenkinsFinance
Kristin JohnsonFinance
Sharon LengeleFinance
Jason DeadrichMarketing
Zack SmallMarketing
Patty HillMarketing
Amanda HaverlockMarketing
Mollie BoeroMarketing
Tom ByronMarketing
Barbara CleasonMarketing
Jason HorstmanSales
Anne BarsonSales
Judy AllenSales
David GershikSales
Janice RomanoSales
Kari ZanottoSales
Laura RicciSales
Tracey FlemingSales
Dave HarrisSupervisor of Product Support
Alejandro RomeroProduct Support
Alyssa ClarkProduct Support
Amy TillerProduct Support
Beau KayserProduct Support
Bob McGeheeProduct Support
Bob SteffyProduct Support
Brad GranthamProduct Support
Brian CarlsonProduct Support
Catherine HaiglerProduct Support
Dan GossettProduct Support
Darren BrownProduct Support
David LeightonProduct Support
Dino AgoProduct Support
Eric KnudsonProduct Support
Jay GeraciProduct Support
Jeff GullettProduct Support
Karsten AglerProduct Support
Larry CollinsProduct Support
Lloyd HessProduct Support
Logan ParrProduct Support
Paul PurdyProduct Support
Robert BaileyProduct Support
Scott CarterProduct Support
Steven CheungProduct Support
Tabitha TostiProduct Support
Tony BurquezProduct Support
Wesley AndersonProduct Support
Holly GreenHuman Resources
Lisa HenleyHuman Resources
Sangeeta PraasharHuman Resources
Edward ChinInformation Systems
Ian CampbellInformation Systems
James WoodInformation Systems
Jim GordonInformation Systems
Laurel Elaine WoodsInformation Systems
Tom CaudleInformation Systems
Randy SeversonInformation Systems
Erik EllestadInformation Systems
Catherine DurandOffice Manager
Jannett Shirley-PaulAdministrative Support
Sherri BridgeAdministrative Support
Sharron DrakeAdministrative Support
Peggy StokAdministrative Support
Lissa KlanorAdministrative Support
Kristi DechairoSpecial Thanks
Casey Donahue AckleySpecial Thanks
Laura AckleySpecial Thanks
Michael AckleySpecial Thanks
Nancy AckleySpecial Thanks
Mark PetersenSpecial Thanks
Dr. Janer HalesboSpecial Thanks
Lisa HansenSpecial Thanks
Cherie MicallefSpecial Thanks
Peter HivelySpecial Thanks
Stephenie ColonSpecial Thanks
Charles JordanSpecial Thanks
Pat JordanSpecial Thanks
Skip JordanSpecial Thanks
Amy TillerSpecial Thanks
Alfredo IgnacioSpecial Thanks
Lee BallardSpecial Thanks
Dee OverneySpecial Thanks
John LyonsSpecial Thanks
Peter McConnellSpecial Thanks
David LevisonSpecial Thanks
Collette MichaudSpecial Thanks
Steve PurcellSpecial Thanks
Everyone at Transaction Software TechnologiesSpecial Thanks
Tim SchaferSpecial Thanks
Sean ClarkSpecial Thanks
Michael StemmleSpecial Thanks
Hal BarwoodSpecial Thanks
Tony HsiehSpecial Thanks
Stephen R. ShawSpecial Thanks
Bret MogilefskySpecial Thanks
Garry GaberSpecial Thanks
Melissa GaberSpecial Thanks
Mark ChristiansenSpecial Thanks
Gabriel McDonaldSpecial Thanks
Donald AgoSpecial Thanks
Bob RodenSpecial Thanks
Judy RosenfeldSpecial Thanks
Krista HandSpecial Thanks
Annita MotteSpecial Thanks
Angie BrownSpecial Thanks
Jeff GrundenSpecial Thanks
Dave GrossmanSpecial Thanks
Tami BorowickSpecial Thanks
Ron GilbertSpecial Thanks
George LucasVery Special Thanks
Brett BarrettDedicated to the memory of

The Curse of Monkey Island

83 /100

Released: 1997

Select from a variety of buccaneer hairstyles at The Barbery Coast. Enjoy a warm reunion with an old flame. Piracy never looked so good!

Learn a valuable trade in lighthouse and VCR repair. Loot, sack and pillage...