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Based on the original novel of the same name by Dan Brown from 2003, The Da Vinci Code is a 3rd-person action/adventure that combines puzzle-solving (especially breaking of ciphers and codes) with fighting and stealth elements; the choice between the latter two is mostly left to the player. The game alternates between controlling main characters of the novel, Robert Langdon and Sophie Noveau, and offers a storyline that diverses from the plot of the novel in many respects. Though released at the same time as Ron Howard's movie The Da Vinci Code, the game is an adaptation of the novel, and its character models, plot details, and location choices are different from the movie. The Temple Church in London is one example of a location visited in the novel, movie, and game, but the game also puts the player to explore the mansion of late Jacques Saunière, and has greatly expanded the scope and dangers of other locations with guard patrols and the like. Upon completion, the game offers its depiction of The Louvre and Rosslyn Chapel for the player to explore freely without enemies, while providing new cryptograms to solve.