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The Dark Matter

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Genre: Adventure, Arcade, Platform, Strategy

Platforms: iOS

The Dark Matter is the most intense arcade experience on mobile, is a total BLAST! Dark Matter is devouring the universe from the inside, will you survive? Make your way into it's micro universe, avoiding the Dark Matter, catching the good matter and the gazilion of amazing bonuses. Constant updates with new enemies, levels, characters and bonuses for an endless longevity! Inpired by originals coin-up games with amazing vi... Read More

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The Dark Matter has born from our passion for Arcade games. We totally ripped off the coin-up mood we were living in during early '90s, and transformed in something we love nowdays, with modern mechanics.
We decided to manitain an oldschool visuals and audio, that's why we choose to go with LowPoly visuals and Chiptune genere for the SFX and Music: all the Audio was recorded by Victor Love, and now he's in the team, believing in the project.

Now The Dark Matter has more than 30 playable characters, an endless world divided in around 20 blocks before the random generation, 35+ achievements and 7 leaderboards. We're really proud of the game, and we're gonna release in September for IOs.

The point of The Dark Matter is being casual, but hardcore and cool. A game you can play for 3 minutes or for 6 hours, and will be always rewarding and immersive.

A word about ads: we decided to remove all the ADV and maintain ONLY REWARDED ADS. We believe players are the most important focus for a Developer, so we want to respect players at max: no ads, you choose if watch the ad for a reward. Stop.