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The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (Credits)

Bethesda Softworks LLC

Todd HowardProject Leader
Ken RolstonLead Designer
Craig WaltonLead Programmer
Guy CarverLead Xbox Programmer
Matthew CarofanoLead Artist
Christiane MeisterLead Character Artist
Guy CarverProgramming
Ahn HopgoodProgramming
Scott FrankeProgramming
Chris InnanenProgramming
Mat KrohnProgramming
Mike LipariProgramming
Steve MeisterProgramming
Matt PicoccioProgramming
Kerry SergentProgramming
Craig WaltonProgramming
Hal BoumaAdditional Programming
Victor BreuggemannAdditional Programming
Dave DiAngeloAdditional Programming
O'Dell HicksAdditional Programming
Scott HofmannAdditional Programming
Andrew NunnAdditional Programming
Casey O'TooleAdditional Programming
Erik ParkerAdditional Programming
Hope AdamsWorld Art & Building
Noah BerryWorld Art & Building
Mark BullockWorld Art & Building
Matthew CarofanoWorld Art & Building
Christine MillerWorld Art & Building
Gary NoonanWorld Art & Building
Shirin AlkaissiAdditional World Art & Building
Brian ChapinAdditional World Art & Building
Royal ConnellAdditional World Art & Building
Bryan CardAdditional World Art & Building
Gavin CarterAdditional World Art & Building
Kevin ShrinerAdditional World Art & Building
Frank WardAdditional World Art & Building
Tohan KimCharacter & Creature Art
Christiane MeisterCharacter & Creature Art
Juan SanchezCharacter & Creature Art
Wan ChiuAdditional Character & Creature Art
Scan EkanayakeAdditional Character & Creature Art
Scan FoyleAdditional Character & Creature Art
Josh JonesAdditional Character & Creature Art
Mark JonesAdditional Character & Creature Art
Andrew RaiAdditional Character & Creature Art
Michael SmithAdditional Character & Creature Art
Ka-Kei WongAdditional Character & Creature Art
Michael KirkbrideConcept Art
Douglas GoodallWriting & Quest Design
Mark NelsonWriting & Quest Design
Ken RolstonWriting & Quest Design
Bill BurchamAdditional Writing & Quest Design
Todd HowardAdditional Writing & Quest Design
Michael KirkbrideAdditional Writing & Quest Design
Ted PetersonAdditional Writing & Quest Design
Todd VaughnAdditional Writing & Quest Design
Jason RuddySound Effects
Jeremy SouleOriginal Music Composed & Produced by
Mike EridleyQuality Assurance Lead
Absolute Quality IncQuality Assurance (Support Company)
Ashley ChengAssociate Producer
Todd VaughnAssociate Producer
Absolute Pitch StudiosVoice Recording (Support Company)
Washington DC
Pete HinesManual Writing
Ashley ChengManual Writing
Michael WagnerManual & Packaging Layout
Pete HinesDirector of PR & Marketing
Lori RehrNational Sales Manager
Marko AndonovPresident
Todd HowardOriginal Concept
Ken RolstonOriginal Concept
Game Design by The Morrowind Team
Don NalezytySpecial Thanks
Julian LefaySpecial Thanks
Bruce NesmithSpecial Thanks
Kurt KuhlmannSpecial Thanks
Hugh RileySpecial Thanks
Colin WilliamsonSpecial Thanks
Chris OndrusSpecial Thanks
Brian StokesSpecial Thanks
Chris WeaverSpecial Thanks
Brian HarveySpecial Thanks
Greg JamesSpecial Thanks
Kelly TofteSpecial Thanks
Kevin BachausSpecial Thanks
Brent EricksonSpecial Thanks
Numerical Design LimitedSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Kim HowardSpecial Thanks
Jeff HowardSpecial Thanks
Special Thanks to Indy
Jody InnanenSpecial Thanks
Rachel NobleSpecial Thanks
Mike LipariSpecial Thanks
Ellen LipariSpecial Thanks
Kim RankinSpecial Thanks
Bryan RankinSpecial Thanks
Gary Noonan Sr.Special Thanks
Special Thanks to Cappy the Parrot
Special Thanks to Kezune
Special Thanks to Mo
Regis PhilbinSpecial Thanks
Antonio LangSpecial Thanks
Stephanie ScheibleySpecial Thanks
Shannon HinesSpecial Thanks
Connor HinesSpecial Thanks
Alan NanesSpecial Thanks
Kenny McDonaldSpecial Thanks
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The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

87 /100

Released: 2002

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is an open world fantasy action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios, and published by Bethesda Softworks and Ubisoft. It is the third installment in The Elder...