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ThePolymathGirls Review [10.0/10]

ThePolymathGirl created

A great game with all of Tamriel open and available for true die-hard elder scrolls fans. I love being able to play in a world that can be expanded and updated anytime. I think they did a better job than Bethesda on their own game!

amotherscrimes Review [4.0/10]

amotherscrime created

It's an automatic huge step down because it's online. Let's face it, it cheapens it. It takes you out of it. Then we have the vastness of it, which is both good and bad. More quests, yes. But better? No. Nowhere near. Quantity over quality. If you thought "exploring" tombs in Skyrim was boring, you are in for a grave. Every tomb, cave, dungeon o...