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Review: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim [9.0/10]

Vatstec101 created

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is massive. Not only does the map, customization, and combat feel immersive, it leaves you wanting more. Bethesda's 2011 Juggernaut offers an amazing RPG experience for fans of the genera, and newcomers alike. Set in the beautiful continent of Tamriel, you embark on a journey as the Dragon born. The story is yours, h...

KlaatuVerataNectos Review [10.0/10]

KlaatuVerataNecto created

Finished it twice. First time with and Orc and second time High Elf. Gameplay is brilliant! The sound track is just amazing and it fits the gameplay perefectly! When you get to the certain level missions become a little bit repetetive.

Callum_Williams Review [10.0/10]

Callum_Williams created

Not the most inspired choice I'm aware, but Skyrim is undeniably one of the strongest and most accessible RPGs ever assembled. The world's massive - both in scope and variety of things to do - while exploration is rewarding, the mechanics are solid yet deep and quests are superbly designed. It simply feels epic, from the smaller moments as you j...

Blackbriar mead anyone? [8.0/10]

Tobias created

The story goes that you are a prisoner (again) who is at the mercy of the empire (again) and then suddenly a dragon comes and you escape. You are then asked if you would like to follow the rebels or the empire, which actually doesn't matter but those who choose the empire are retarded. Eventually you wind up finding out you are the chosen one (a...

Oshklivecs Review [9.0/10]

Oshklivec created

Obvious classic. Endless replayability, immersive world and, obviously, an incredible soundtrack. Having played on both PC and PS3, the PC version is infinitely better. The number of mods available drastically broadens what you can do with the game and the console enables you to fix some potentially game breaking bugs. The story is, however, fla...