20 Games Like The Election Game(TBA)

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Commodore C64/128

Games Like The Election Game

Cover image for the game Touchtone

If you solve something, say something. In today's world, it's all on the line. Answer the call. Join your fellow citizens to decrypt suspicious messages and help make our nation safer and stronger! For every puzzle you solve, for every dangerous message you bring to our attention, you make your family and your country that much safer. Solve high-level decryption algorithms through a puzzle-like interface, then uncover potential plots and unmask suspicious individuals. Reach into their past to follow t...

Touchtone @ IGDB
Touchtone @ IGDB

Cover image for the game Republic: The Revolution

Republic: The Revolution is a computer game produced by Elixir Studios, founded by Demis Hassabis , a former programmer of Lionhead Studios and published by Eidos Interactive. It has since been released for the Mac OS X by Feral Interactive. It is a depiction of grassroots political action, where one attempts to put their preferred government in power. It is set in Novistrana, a small, fictional, post-Soviet country in Eastern Europe.

Cover image for the game Polandball: Can into Space!

The internet-born and beloved countryballs comics finally have a game to properly represent them, Polandball: Can Into Space! Break through Earth's atmosphere to prove other countryballs once and for all they were wrong and conquer the final frontier!

Polandball: Can into Space! @ IGDB
Polandball: Can into Space! @ IGDB

Cover image for the game Balance of Power: Geopolitics in the Nuclear Age

It has been more than forty years since the first nuclear bomb exploded. In that time, the shape of the world has changed dramatically. The power to destroy civilization rests in the hands of the superpowers and now, as either the president of the U.S. or as the General Secretary of the U.S.S.R., you have total responsibility for your nation's course. To succeed, you must enhance your country's prestige without infringing too much on your adversary's interests. If you play the isolationist, you will find...

Balance of Power: Geopolitics in the Nuclear Age @ IGDB
Balance of Power: Geopolitics in the Nuclear Age @ IGDB

Cover image for the game Politically Yours

Politically Yours is a Government Simulation game based on Indian politics. Theme: With the sudden demise of the Prime Minister of India, and with 3.5 years remaining in this term, your party (ruling party) has arrived at the decision to make you the Interim Prime Minister. Prove yourself in these 3 and a half years and get elected as the Prime Minister for the next term. Have you ever wanted to become the Prime Minister of India? Sometimes or the other you probably have thought of running the country ...

Cover image for the game Sweatshop HD

Sweatshop challenges players to manage an off-shore clothing factory, producing the latest in cheap designer fashions for Britain's high streets. Channel 4 was eager to create a game that challenged young people to think about the origin of the clothes we buy. The solution was a strategy game that casts the player in the role of a clothing factory’s middle management. The player is responsible for hiring and firing workers, ensuring that orders are completed in time and balancing the needs of demanding c...

Sweatshop HD @ IGDB
Sweatshop HD @ IGDB

Cover image for the game Sid Meier's Alien Crossfire

The Official Expansion Pack for Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri.

Cover image for the game Spycraft: The Great Game

Enter the World of International Intrigue. It's you against faceless enemies in a rush to unravel a high-level assassination plot. Arm yourself with authentic spy tools, high-tech weapons and professional skills true to CIA operations. Then confront realistic global scenarios...where decisions you make determine the balance of world power.