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Atari ST/STE
Commodore C64/128
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)



The Demon King descends from hi Mountain Domain. He creeps silently upon the Samurai and his Master... Against the Demon's Magic the young Samurai is defenceless. Alone, his Master battles with the Demon King until his Master lies dying. With the Master's final breath, he summons the Wizard Mage. Fearing defeat, the Demon King hurls himself far into the Future. Tormented, the Samurai seeks the help of the Wizard Mage to learn the rudiments of Magic. Armed with a magic sword he follows the Demon through time to avenge his Master's death.

The First Samurai is a platform game that involves the player on a quest as the first samurai in the history of ancient Japan to survive in a world of evil and rival swordsmen. The player starts out as a hermit in an ancient forest, but he eventually becomes powerful enough to fight in the villages and towns, and eventually the dungeons.