The Hip Hop Dance Experience

Genre: Music

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This is a rhythm-and-dance simulation game in which players perform dance routines to music from popular hip-hop artists. Players score points by imitating the movements of on-screen characters. Some song lyrics contain suggestive material or innuendo (e.g., “Once I get you out them clothes/Privacy is on the door/Still they can hear you screamin' more,” “Shawty wanna hump/You know I like to touch ya lovely lady lumps,” “I got passion in my pants”). A handful of lyrics also reference illicit substances (e.g., “The lonely stoner seems to free his mind at night,” “Make your body rise like you're puffin' on a joint though”). During some background music videos, scantily clad performers execute provocative dance moves or acts (e.g., gyrating female dancers; a male singer shaking his crotch at the camera); a couple of videos briefly depict women with exposed breasts (i.e., pasties covering their nipples). Other videos depict performers smoking cigars or drinking champagne/beer.

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