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AdamTheOnes Review [10.0/10]

AdamTheOne created

This game feels so full, the animations are fluent, the dinosaurs are solid, its overall a great game! Can't wait until the additions of tribals and mercenaries!

V-the-Infernos Review [10.0/10]

V-the-Inferno created

I've been playing this game since April 2016. I've had both good and bad experiences, as should be expected with any early access game, but my overall experience has been amazing. I love this game; I love how it currently is (in it's ever-evolving state), I love the direction in which it's going, and I'm excited as hell to see where it ends up...

GhostSpores Review [10.0/10]

GhostSpore created

I'm a sucker for games where you can play as an animal, with more dinos and humans inbound this game will become one of the best. The development team actually interacts with the community, pretty great stuff.

beyondergods Review [10.0/10]

beyondergod created

One of the best Dinosaur games ever! You will all love it!!!