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grlherms Review [10.0/10]

grlherm created

This it's the most immersive with a story you can get in any form of entertaiment. You live ellie's revenge and you live everything that comes with it. I haven't see anything that can get this good on doing that, by the end, it won't be about that usual fun gaming experience, it's just something else that will stick with you for a while ─ regard...

mixedCases Review [1.0/10]

mixedCase created

Betrays TLOU 1. Any redeeming quality dies with that. Simply avoid this.

An increbile feat of storytelling in video games [10.0/10]

TheFredobar created

It's a gritty revenge story and it does a lot of the things you expect from a revenge story, but it does this better than any game I've ever played. The tone and visual style are perfect, the gameplay is gripping and very deep. The narritive of the game sucked me in completely, I was totally invested. And the game took that and turned it on its ...

AvidWriters Review [1.0/10]

AvidWriter created

Basically the game almost pulls a "MGS:2" move but in an even worse way. Also shits on its on story from the previous game and almost retcons the ending to "fit" the narrative of their badly written sequel trying to be edgy?

cokecabs Review [5.0/10]

cokecab created

Spoilers: The narrative of this game didn't work for me at all. The first thrid of this game really had me thinking I was going to play a new masterpiece by Naughty Dog. But then the game not just forces you to play the time you already played as Ellie again, but as a different character - it's also the character you would want to play the least...

this3dollarbills Review [8.0/10]

this3dollarbill created

Viewing it as a sequel, this was a bit of a disappointment, as it didn't feel like it was speaking to the same target audience. That being said, it's still incredibly well crafted and effective, it just felt like it was designed and measured for a very different player than the first.

Tchakollis Review [10.0/10]

Tchakolli created

This is one of the single greatest games, or even experiences, ever created. Seriously, you will not regret buying this game.

crantz28s Review [10.0/10]

crantz28 created

Even days removed from completing my first playthrough, I'm still reeling from it all. The emotional impact is deafening. And while the game spends most of its time drenched in the unnerving and dread, I found the moments of hope and happiness to be incredibly effective. I really felt the heft of Ellie's journey. New characters get their time an...

artelous Review [10.0/10]

artelous created

By far the greatest game experience ever created. Naughty Dog always have been far ahead of the competition. Every aspect of their games is so much better than from any other studio. TLoU2 even tops all of their previous efforts. The insane amount of craftsmanship is literally breathtaking.