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The events of A Link Between Worlds take place six generations after the events of A Link to the Past. The legend of the legendary hero's battles against Ganon has been passed down from generation to generation, and peace has ruled for decades. The game's incarnation of Link is an apprentice blacksmith to Hyrule's greatest Blacksmith.

Beset by a nightmare of the sacred Triforce being destroyed and facing a gargantuan evil creature, Link is awakened from his sleep by Gulley, the Blacksmith's son. Link rushes over to the smithery, where the Captain of Hyrule's knights has stopped by to retrieve his sword and shield. After Link is scolded for being late, the Blacksmith's Wife notices that the Captain forgot to bring his sword along with him when he left. Link is tasked with traveling to Hyrule Castle to return it to its rightful owner. Once Link arrives at the castle however, he is told that the Captain went to the Sanctuary. Upon his arrival there, however, the villain Yuga appears, and turns both Seres and the Captain into paintings with his wicked magic. Link lunges at Yuga, but Yuga is able to use his magic to turn himself into a wall painting, causing Link to crash straight into the wall. Yuga then returns to his original form, kicking Link to the floor in the process. As Yuga leaves with Seres in tow, the Priest says to warn Princess Zelda of this before Link passes out.