The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Genre: Adventure

Platforms: Virtual Console (Nintendo), Nintendo 64, Nintendo GameCube

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13 reviews

Alright 82%

Majoras mask starts with the actual link from the prequel looking for his fairy or some shit. And immediately at this point all the kids ask themselves 'how did he get out of Hyrule?' I know every last inch of that country and there is no exit. Eventually some Gypsy mugs him and steals his Oot and turns him into a shrub (told you it was more Japanese) forcing Link to follow him to a clock town called Clock Town. The next three days break every ru... Read More
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9 reviews

Average 60%

How time travel works in this game: >When you play the Song of Time, everything is resetted to the Morning of the First Day. >Masks and items like the Bomb mag, Boss remains and songs are not reseted, implying that Link itself and its objects do not reset (makes sense since he's the one who is leaping back in time). >Other objects like Deku Sticks and Magic beans that Link holds are reseted for no logical reason, if the above items are... Read More