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he war for Middle Earth may have ended in The Lord of the Rings, but the scars left by the Dark Lord Sauron run deep. The epic tale of swords, sorcery, kings and kinship are renowned, and while that adventure is done it's not quite time to turn the page just yet...

The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest takes place 15 years after the events of the original story, transporting you to the peaceful Shire of the Hobbits. Samwise Gamgee, loyal friend to the story's lead character Frodo Baggins, is now Mayor of the Shire. Taking a break from preparing for a visit from King Aragorn, Sam retells the eventful journey across Middle Earth to his children, focusing on how Aragorn became king.

Sam takes you through some of the adventure's most memorable scenes, putting you in control of Aragorn in his quest to stop Sauron. From Flight to the Ford (which has you protecting Frodo from the Black Riders and other agents of the Dark Lord) to the deadly mines of Moria (where the awe inspiring Balrog lurks), you embark on a grand expedition, as seen through the eyes of a humble Hobbit.

Think you know the epic and immensely popular The Lord of the Rings saga? Turns out you only know some of the whole story. Why not grab a cup of your favourite hot drink, sit down with one of the brave souls who experienced it and live the adventure yourself...