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You are the hero - Raghim and your mission is to get through the Labyrinths of Greece, Egypt and Atlantis, slaying the monsters in your path and collecting pearls to buy weapons to do so. To proceed to the next level you must find all the hidden Crystals (each sublevel contains seven Crystals) and give them to the Wizard who controls exit to the next sublevel. Greece, Egypt and Atlantis each have four sublevels.

When Raghim starts the game, he has no weapons to fight the monsters. The only way to get ammunition is to buy it in the Temples. To do so you need to collect some money - pearls, evaluated in Rouples. Look about in the sea and you'll find a lot of those but remember that you can pick them up only when a shell is open. When you collect enough pearls you can go to the nearest Temple and buy your ammo. Different weapons are associated with different gods. You will easily find the Temples because they are all lit up.

Now you can blast the monsters but remember that some of them are not easily exterminated. And a few (like Jelly Fish) only need to be avoided if you want to keep yourself in good shape. There are creature which require special treatment - try different tricks!

Find your way to the Wizard who controls the exit of each Labyrinth. But don't forget that he will only let you out if you bring him all seven Crystals. If you have good health don't pick up food or life jars - save them for later.