Source:Youtube (retrieved: 2019-01-13)

The Messenger (Credits)


Thierry BoulangerGame Design, Direction, Writing & Code
Martin BrouardFinances, Marketing, Community Management
Eric W. BrownMusic and Sound Design
Sylvain CloutierMain Programming
Philippe DionneLevel Design
Carl DubreuilQuality Assurance
Michael LavoieLevel Art and Backgrounds
Savannah PerronCharacter Art and Animation
Jean-Luc SavardCharacter Art and Animation
Magalie AllardFinal Stretch Project Coordination
Marc-André GirardAdditional Programming
Marc-Antoine JeanAdditional Art
Kristaux I'animateuxAdditional Art
Ricardo Bourgoin-BeaulieuRest of the Sabotage Crew
Mathieu DunlayRest of the Sabotage Crew
Pier-Luc GirardRest of the Sabotage Crew
Jeakim HamelRest of the Sabotage Crew
Frédérik RodrigueRest of the Sabotage Crew
Martin William AkehurstSpecial Thanks
Roberto AssmeguaSpecial Thanks
François-Gabriel AuclairSpecial Thanks
Damon BakerSpecial Thanks
Pierre-Louis BarbierSpecial Thanks
Philip BarclaySpecial Thanks
Rodrigo BatelliSpecial Thanks
Marc-André BédardSpecial Thanks
Philippe BéginSpecial Thanks
Maxime BélangerSpecial Thanks
Salima BessahraouiSpecial Thanks
Shane BettenhausenSpecial Thanks
Louis BlackburnSpecial Thanks
Julie BlouinSpecial Thanks
Bruno BoilardSpecial Thanks
Carl BolducSpecial Thanks
Pauline BolducSpecial Thanks
Yves BordeleauSpecial Thanks
MC BourduaSpecial Thanks
Stéphane BourgeoisSpecial Thanks
Jany BourgetSpecial Thanks
Tom BramallSpecial Thanks
Rosalie BrouardSpecial Thanks
Juliette BrouardSpecial Thanks
Marianne BrouardSpecial Thanks
Charles BurroughsSpecial Thanks
Thaïzone CartierSpecial Thanks
Louis-Félix CauchonSpecial Thanks
Charles CauchonSpecial Thanks
Chris CharlaSpecial Thanks
Guillaume CharpenetSpecial Thanks
Nathalie ClermontSpecial Thanks
Comméléo StudiosSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Vanessa Douglas CommsSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
CosmocoverSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Anna CourtmanchSpecial Thanks
Steve CoutureSpecial Thanks
René CrescentSpecial Thanks
Sophie CristobalSpecial Thanks
Dave CrouseSpecial Thanks
Philippe D'AmoursSpecial Thanks
Christian DaigleSpecial Thanks
Mylene DesrosiersSpecial Thanks
Smigo DessmaSpecial Thanks
Éduard Diamant-RobertSpecial Thanks
Devolver DigitalSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Fabian Mario DoehlaSpecial Thanks
Osama DoriasSpecial Thanks
Julie Drapeau-RenaudSpecial Thanks
Joel DreskinSpecial Thanks
Will DubéSpecial Thanks
Jean-Sebastien DubergerSpecial Thanks
Edouard DubreuilSpecial Thanks
Mike DucarmeSpecial Thanks
Mariona FerrerSpecial Thanks
Alexandre FisetSpecial Thanks
Martin ForandSpecial Thanks
Jessika FortinSpecial Thanks
Vieko FranetovicSpecial Thanks
Canada Media FundSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Pierre-Luc GagnonSpecial Thanks
Vincent GallopainSpecial Thanks
Kert GartnerSpecial Thanks
Tom GiardinoSpecial Thanks
Jon GibsonSpecial Thanks
Delphine GingrasSpecial Thanks
Maïra Girard-LapointeSpecial Thanks
Andie GraceSpecial Thanks
Marie-Christine GuimontSpecial Thanks
Denis HamelSpecial Thanks
Patrick HealeySpecial Thanks
Philémon HeutteSpecial Thanks
Zach HuntleySpecial Thanks
Bennie Terry IIISpecial Thanks
James Morgan IIISpecial Thanks
Cyrille ImbertSpecial Thanks
Oddworld InhabitantsSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Maxence JacquierSpecial Thanks
Doug JohnsSpecial Thanks
Tobias KammerSpecial Thanks
Lucien KnobelSpecial Thanks
Emily KroekerSpecial Thanks
Jean-François LabadieSpecial Thanks
Simon LachanceSpecial Thanks
Serge LandrySpecial Thanks
Noah LaneSpecial Thanks
Lorne LanningSpecial Thanks
Jessie LapointeSpecial Thanks
Jonathan LavigneSpecial Thanks
Ann-Marie LeblondSpecial Thanks
Brett LewisSpecial Thanks
Dimitrios LianopoulosSpecial Thanks
Nigel LowrieSpecial Thanks
Kate LudlowSpecial Thanks
Maman MalletSpecial Thanks
Guillaume MarceauSpecial Thanks
Jocelyn MartelSpecial Thanks
Sherry McKennaSpecial Thanks
Laurent MercureSpecial Thanks
Dave MianowskiSpecial Thanks
Harry MillerSpecial Thanks
Rebeca Velez MinguezSpecial Thanks
Karen MitchellSpecial Thanks
Pierre MoisanSpecial Thanks
Hugo MorinSpecial Thanks
Jean-François MorneauSpecial Thanks
Jean-Simon OtisSpecial Thanks
David-Dion PaquetSpecial Thanks
Jeremy ParishSpecial Thanks
Fork ParkerSpecial Thanks
Andrew ParsonsSpecial Thanks
Robbie PatersonSpecial Thanks
Monica PerazzoSpecial Thanks
Olivier PetitSpecial Thanks
Michel PoirierSpecial Thanks
Sara PopescuSpecial Thanks
Guillaume ProvostSpecial Thanks
Jack QuanSpecial Thanks
Véronique RainvilleSpecial Thanks
Julie RiouxSpecial Thanks
Jason Della RoccaSpecial Thanks
Jonathan RosalesSpecial Thanks
Astrid RosemarinSpecial Thanks
Anna SajeckaSpecial Thanks
Maksym SapettoSpecial Thanks
Thomas SchulenbergSpecial Thanks
Kirk ScottSpecial Thanks
JM SpechtSpecial Thanks
Welat St-JosephSpecial Thanks
Geneviève St-OngeSpecial Thanks
Graeme StruthersSpecial Thanks
Rick StultsSpecial Thanks
Jared StultsSpecial Thanks
Darek TardifSpecial Thanks
Angelica TerrySpecial Thanks
Don ThackerSpecial Thanks
Stephanie Tinsley-SchoppSpecial Thanks
John TyrellSpecial Thanks
Karolina UrbanSpecial Thanks
Brett VanceSpecial Thanks
Stephanie Jordan VanceSpecial Thanks
Nick VergeSpecial Thanks
Benoit VerreaultSpecial Thanks
Bernice WakefieldSpecial Thanks
David WeiserSpecial Thanks
Mike WilsonSpecial Thanks
Justin WoodwardSpecial Thanks
Nyssa WoznickiSpecial Thanks
Christopher WulfSpecial Thanks
Keiji YamagichiSpecial Thanks
Hideo YoshizawaSpecial Thanks